Coloplast Comarketing Case Study


I set out to build physician loyalty with co-marketing paid search campaigns that would increase the visibility of both the physician’s practice and the client’s product. Through this campaign, I sought to create a partnership between the physicians and the Coloplast by focusing on a mutual goal—helping physicians grow leads. The co-marketing strategy also reduced practice-building compliance issues, through the joint partnership of the physician and client.


I implemented a three-tiered strategy to identify the best opportunities for co-marketing campaigns. Critical geographic markets were determined by cross-referencing frequently searched ZIP codes on the Coloplast website against search density and traffic data to reveal areas with above-average demand. Working with the Coloplast team, I was able to identify a top physician within the opportunity area, who’d be an ideal partner for the co-marketing campaigns.


Historical performance data and advanced testing methodologies guided the creation and optimization of the co-marketing campaigns.

• Top performing headlines from previous Coloplast campaigns were incorporated with local terms and physician names for a 139% lift in click-through rates
• Keyword bidding targeted consumers near the end of the conversion funnel to efficiently use ad budget and maximize physician leads
• Multiple types of bid adjustments, daily and weekly ad schedules, budget flights, and ad extensions were optimized to drive performance further

Efficient, effective and trackable. We had tried several marketing solutions, but this has been, by far, the most effective.

Participating Co-Marketing Clinic

Landing Pages

15 custom landing pages tailored for different places in the user’s customer journey were created to support the campaigns.
• Multiple CTAs with language for unique audience behaviors
• On-going conversion rate optimization (CRO) using Google Optimize to personalize landing pages and convert users in various conversion stages
• Landing pages highlighted locally relevant care clinics and capitalized on “near me” search trends.

Reporting & Measurement

Performance tracking was implemented and communicated in an easy-to-understand custom, monthly dashboard. Reporting included macro and micro conversion points, such as page scroll depth, to gauge intent and likelihood of visitors becoming a lead. Evaluation of phone call length to a physician’s office helped estimate lead quality. Sharing clear, measurable results increased the physician’s confidence and loyalty to Coloplast.


A complicated treatment process and minimal loyalty from physicians was leading to poor visibility of the client’s products. I was in charge of increasing awareness and growing relationships with physicians in key geographic markets.


Search Engine Marketing
Analytics, Reporting
Conversion Rate Optimization


Phone call leads doubled for a majority of clinics, with some experiencing over 6x the call volume.

Conversion rates on landing pages grew a substantial 112% over the baseline template design.

320% annual decrease in the cost per conversions

Clients had a dominant share of market voice on the local search market with a 260% annual increase


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